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Doing the SDW 100

Climbing 13,000 feet and riding 100 miles on a mountain bike... in a day. The South Downs Way is a long distance footpath and bridleway running along the South Downs in southern England. It is one of 15 National Trails in England and Wales. The trail runs for 160 km (100 mi) from Winchester in ... Read it →

Strava meets MarioKart

This article was originally posted on the Clearleft blog. Most Hack Farm projects start as someone's itch that needs scratching. Last year's TinyPlanner was Boxman's need for a backwards to-do list. Our 2012 Hack Farm ended up as a collaborative effort to improve political opinion tracking, which was an itch shared ... Read it →

On Pattern Portfolios

This article was originally posted on the Clearleft blog Arguably the key deliverable we hand over to our clients is our pattern portfolio, comprised of two main components: The component library is a collection of all the front-end patterns or snippets we’ve extracted from our designs during the design an... Read it →


Better late than never, right? In retrospect, my 2012 was pretty huge, both professionally and personally. On new additions In the early summer we welcomed another Aizlewood into the world - Indiana - who is truly one of the most easy-going, smiley babies I've every experienced. As I write this she's ... Read it →

Undercutting. What is it good for?

... absolutely nothin'! (Say it again, y'all) A short while back, I pitched for a project that I ultimately lost. After putting together a comprehensive proposal and fielding numerous questions (which I have no problem with), I was given the unfortunate news that I didn't win the business. This much is ... Read it →

Easy ways to create your web content

Creating the content for your website can be a difficult task. You have to gather information, consult experts, write thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of words, source images and get people to contribute. It’s hardly surprising that so many organisations delay their own content creation until it becomes a cr... Read it →

Quality English Presentation: The demise of the desktop

In early November, Quality English were kind enough to Eurostar me down to Paris to present to their member schools on digital marketing. The presentation, entitled 'The demise of the desktop: Digital marketing and the mobile web' is now hosted on Slideshare, as well as embedded below. Here's the write ... Read it →

Found: The long-awaited poster child for responsive design

It's finally happened. After almost a year of waiting, a team of web designers, web developers, an agency and many talented others have been working with a well-known newspaper to launch the much-anticipated and new Boston Globe website. Why is this big news? Because the new Boston Globe isn't an ... Read it →

SEO. Am I taking crazy pills?

I'm currently attending the Brighton SEO conference at the Corn Exchange. Huge turnout, and clearly this industry continues to thrive. But, I'll admit it. Over the years my view on SEO has become increasingly negative and pessimistic. This conference helped solidify that view. When I create sites, I'd like to ... Read it →

Curating your conference schedule to be a better ________.

As I type this, I'm currently on a break from attending the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival here in sunny Brighton. On Monday I was fortunate enough to attend the surprisingly fantastic Update Conference, and the Friday before that I attended the annual (and highly acclaimed) dConstruct2011. As if that wasn't ... Read it →

CarbonGraffiti designs & builds Brighton Digital Festival website

Things have been pretty busy lately, hence the lack of posts. However, one piece of news worth sharing: CarbonGraffiti was selected to design and build the website for the inaugural Brighton Digital Festival, taking place across the month of September 2011. When I first came to Brighton in 2007, I couldn't believe ... Read it →

What’s CarbonGraffiti been up to?

It’s been a crazy start to 2011. In fact, the last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. Here are some noteworthy the projects we’ve been working on, with services ranging from consulting to custom email design & build using MailChimp to full websites built on either Wordpress or Budd... Read it →

EnglishUK Presentation on Digital Marketing

On January 27th I gave an hour-long talk on 'The Future of Digital Marketing', speaking specifically to the ELT (English Language Training) industry. The conference was put on by EnglishUK and described as follows: "The English UK Marketing Conference, organised by the English Language Promotions Group (ELPG), hosted by UKTI ... Read it →

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