The various clients I've had the pleasure of working with in my career.

Client Date Role Tags Agency Industry
Clearleft Current Design Director In-house Clearleft Agency
Clearleft 2019 New Business Interim, In-house Clearleft Agency
RSA Insurance 2018 Lead designer Innovation Finance & Banking
Virgin Holidays 2017 Product designer In-house Clearleft Travel & Leisure
Brighton & Hove City Council 2017 Design lead Brand application Clearleft Government
Brighton College 2017 Lead Digital-first branding Clearleft Education
Good Spa Guide 2017 Project lead Digital-first branding, stratregy Leisure
JP Morgan Chase 2017 Designer Product design Clearleft Finance & Banking
TalkLondon 2017 Designer Strategy Clearleft Government 2017 Lead Strategy, publishing Clearleft Publishing
Ubisend 2017 Lead Strategy, illustration, Branding Information Technology
Virgin Holidays 2017 Designer Innovation Clearleft Travel & Leisure
Leading Design Conference 2017 Designer Agency Clearleft Events
Clearleft 2016 Designer Agency Clearleft Consultancy
Diane Fossey fund 2016 Email design MailChimp Clearleft Charity
Pearson 2016 Design lead Learning management system Clearleft Education
Pearson 2016 Design lead Internal tooling Clearleft Education
Skiddle 2016 Product designer Innovation Clearleft Entertainment
UX London 2016 Designer Agency Clearleft Events
BikeRegister 2015 Lead Illustration Clearleft Retail & Commerce
Bison Beer 2015 Product designer Innovation Clearleft Retail & Commerce
Penguin Random House 2015 Designer Brand application Clearleft Publishing
PIE Jobs 2015 Unicorn Design, consultancy Education
BBC Connected Studio 2014 Designer Innovation Clearleft Broadcasting
Code for America 2014 Designer Design system Clearleft Government
Nordea 2014 Designer Product design, strategy Clearleft Finance & Banking
NBC Universal 2014 Designer Product design Clearleft Entertainment
Riut 2014 Designer Product design, strategy Clearleft Retail & Commerce
Unicef 2014 Email design MailChimp Clearleft Charity
Bridgedale 2014 Unicorn Design, dev, consultancy Healthcare
Fine + Rare 2013 Designer Digital-first branding Clearleft Retail & Commerce
Fabrica 2013 Unicorn Branding, design, dev, strategy Arts
Al Fanar 2013 Email design MailChimp Charity
Digital Trends 2013 Email design MailChimp Publishing
Full Fat Apps 2013 Designer Apps Consultancy
Brighton Digital Festival 2013 Unicorn Design, consultancy Events
Brighton & Hove City Council 2012 Designer Brand application Clearleft Government
Holiday Place 2012 Designer Rebrand Clearleft Travel & Leisure
ING Direct 2012 Designer Product design, strategy Clearleft Finance & Banking
NBC Universal 2012 Designer Digital-first branding Clearleft Entertainment 2012 Designer Illustration Clearleft Retail & Commerce
The PIE News 2012 Unicorn Design, strategy, dev, consultancy Education
Virgin Galactic 2012 Email design MailChimp Travel & Leisure
English UK 2012 Consultant Training, consultancy, digital marketing Education
LSG Sky Chefs 2012 Email design MailChimp Travel & Leisure
British Medical Journal 2012 Email design MailChimp Medicine & Healthcare
Living English 2012 Unicorn Strategy, development Education
Oxford Economics 2012 Designer Consultancy Finance & Banking
Excel English 2012 Unicorn Strategy, training, development Education
iCrossing 2012 Email design MailChimp Consultancy
PIE Jobs 2012 Unicorn Design, consultancy Education
Onalytica 2012 Designer Design, consultancy, startup Information Technology
IRIS Art network 2012 Unicorn Wordpress Arts
Enzo Hair & Beauty 2012 Unicorn Wordpress Retail & Commerce
Clinfield Medical 2011 Consultant MailChimp, consultancy Medicine & Healthcare
Silicon Beach Training 2011 Trainer Training, consultancy, email marketing Training
Fox + Rose 2011 Consultant MailChimp, consultancy VGROUP Retail & Commerce
Virgin Holidays 2011 Email design Email marketing Killer Creative Travel & Leisure
Wine Intelligence 2011 Consultant Consultancy Retail & Commerce
CARE Pakistan 2011 Email design MailChimp Charity
Quality English 2011 Unicorn Strategy, training, speaking Education
MakeMedia 2011 Designer In-house MakeMedia Consultancy
LeapFrogg 2011 Designer Agency MakeMedia Consultancy
VGROUP 2011 Consultant Agency VGROUP Consultancy
GAFTA 2011 Email design MailChimp International trade
Kensington Academy of English 2011 Unicorn Design, dev, consultancy Education
Urban Student Life 2011 Designer Consultancy Education
Spinelli Coffee 2011 Unicorn Wordpress Retail & Commerce
Freelance Advisor 2011 Email design MailChimp, consultancy Publishing
Macmillan Education 2011 Email design Email marketing Killer Creative Education
CakeMail 2010 Consultant Email marketing Consultancy
Synergema 2010 Email design Email marketing, MailChimp Consultancy
Interscope Records 2010 Email design MailChimp Music
LCP 2010 Unicorn Wordpress, branding Arts
WAVA 2009 Branding Branding Travel & Leisure
02 Speakers 2009 Email design MailChimp Consultancy
Study Group 2008 Employee Digital marketing, design Education
Embassy CES 2008 Employee Digital marketing, design Education
Bellerbys College 2008 Employee Digital marketing, design Education
Focus on Etiquette 2007 Unicorn Wordpress Consultancy
Verifaction 2006 Unicorn Montreal Finance & Banking
belair direct 2006 Email design Design, consultancy Finance & Banking
Action against Hunger 2006 Email design Email marketing Charity
GOT Corporation 2005 Employee Email marketing Got Information Technology

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