Strava made me do it

It's not often - for me anyway - to be quite so fundamentally affected by an app as I have been with Strava.

Whereas the majority of apps available today aim to increase your productivity, give you a hit of dopamine through gamification, or aid you in getting from point A to B, it's the species of fitness apps that are actually capable of changing one's behaviour.

Don't get me wrong, I'm aware that Angry Birds can change someone's normally sociable behaviour into an introverted need-to-kill-that-last-pig-at-all-costs behaviour, I'm talking about the ability to change someone's physical and mental wellbeing through the gamification (and subsequent addiction) of physical exercise.

For those who aren't familiar with Strava, it's an iOS app aimed at runners and cyclists. Using GPS to track your exercise routes, Strava then matches 'segments' from your route and measures them in terms of speed, time and other pertinent factors. The secret sauce however is its sharing of those segments across the entire Strava user base. Athletes are ranked on their segments based on their efforts with friends and strangers alike, which gives the app a massively competitive angle.