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October’s Top 10 most popular articles

After a busy month in October, here are the top 10 most popular articles from


My new LifeStream on SweetCron

<img src="" alt="SweetCron" / align="left"/>If you haven’t yet noticed, there’s a new nav item at the top of this page, entitled ‘LifeStream | Me, Online’. This LifeStream basically aggregates my various activities and actions across the various social media sites I frequent. Such sites include Delicious, Twitter, Last.FM, Flickr, ColourLovers, this blog, and more. (more…)


Marketing & Wordpress: 15 Top Wordpress plugins

Marketing and WordpressIt’s safe to say that Wordpress is now officially more than your basic blogging platform. Often touted as a basic CMS (content management system), Wordpress offers SMB’s a great opportunity to get a professional-looking website up in minutes – allowing for easy creation, updating and editing of content with little to no technical knowledge. (more…)


14 Email Marketing Design resources

14 email design resourcesSo, here’s a list to help all email marketers design the ultimate email. You’ll find information, inspiration, downloads, tools (free & paid) and further reading. Of course I haven’t selected everything out there or this post would be a mile long, but if you feel I’ve missed any important ones, feel free to leave a comment. (more…)


How to use Twitter for marketing

Twitter for Marketing(This is the third and final article in a series of three articles on Twitter.)
So you’ve read about Twitter & Tipping points, what it’s for and who uses it… so now’s the time to start using Twitter to effectively market and promote your offering. The sky’s the limit for how you can integrate Twitter into your marketing, but here are few ideas of how to use Twitter and in what capacity: (more…)


Design the Perfect Email: Dimensions & Design

Welcome to part 4 & 5 of this 10 part series. This post looks at the ideal dimensions of the perfect email followed by a main design checklist for your email campaigns. (more…)


How to install SweetCron on local server - EasyPHP

SweetCron PHPAs I’ve just installed and themed my very own LifeStream courtesy of SweetCron, I had some of the expected ‘issues’ installing it on my own local server, running EasyPHP. As much for myself to not forget next time, here’s the boiled-down version of how to install SweetCron on your local EasyPHP server. (more…)


Best of March 2008 - Email Design Round-up

Email design roundupA single collection of all things email design-related for the month of March. (more…)


Outlook 2007, Part II

Outlook 2007As a daily email marketer who frequently designs, programs and sends email marketing campaigns, Outlook 2007’s apparent step in the wrong direction had me pretty up in arms for many reasons. As a recap for my initial post, Outlook looks set to take a few steps back down the evolutionary staircase and use Microsoft Word as its HTML email-rendering engine. Not IE7. Not IE6 even. But Word. What does this mean? That campaigns that look great now in our inboxes won’t look good come February to those running Outlook 2007. (more…)


25 Great Marketing-Oriented Web Designs

25 designsAlthough website design is (in my opinion) one of the most hotly-contested environments on the web right now, most of the beautiful websites you see on various CSS galleries are single-service, offering either web design or web design/development by use of a graphical portfolio. Here I’ve rounded up the other folk – the SMBs or one-man teams offering multiple services centered around web marketing, including such ninja-like disciplines as PPC, SEO, email marketing, and of course effective web design.

So here are the top 25 websites that combine beautiful design with various web marketing services (not just web design). (more…)


The Longtail Rule (aka the 80-20 rule) is everywhere!

LongtailEver notice how certain things you do at your day job seem to integrate themselves into your everday life? A perfect example is the Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the 80-20 rule, the Longtail, the Zipf law or the Power Law. Whatever you know it as, it has become very well known to the internet industry due to the www’s ability to offer greater choice and inventory than previously possible in a brick and mortar store. For the sake of this article, I’ll be referring to the Pareto principle as the Longtail rule. (more…)