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Introducing the Email Design Gallery

logoIt's been a busy 5 months since going full-time freelance, and there's a lot of news coming soon, including a new website, new client announcements and much more.

In the meantime however, I thought I'd announce a new side project that has finally seen the light of day. Introducing The Email Design Gallery at I created this gallery as a showcase for all of the fantastic email designs out there, specifically as a way to help get the medium of email design more widely-recognized across the web community.

...besides simple design aesthetics, the EDG strives to underline the importance, creativity and hard work required for good email design by underlining the importance of standards-compliant code. With many web-based and desktop-based email clients to account for – all dramatically ranging in their rendering capabilities – email designers & coders are continually challenged to design for an often inhospitable medium.
With designs ranging from retail giants to boutique agencies – and everything in between – email design is slowly shedding the unfortunate title of web design’s ugly sibling and becoming a thriving design community onto itself – complete with its own set of guidelines, standards, pitfalls and best practices.

Go have a visit and browse the current entries (all hand-selected of course). If you feel you've got a kick-ass email design that ought to be there, feel free to tag the creative on Twitter with the hashtag '#theedg' (or contact directly via, or simply opt for the traditional way using the site's submission form.

Hope to see you soon!