Internet marketing ideas that won’t break the bank

Although as a whole online marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels out there, some online marketing methods can still eat into a yearly budget faster than you can say 'Google'.

Take PPC (pay-per-click) for example. According to MarketingSherpa, US SEM spend is expected to hit $16.5 billion by the end of 2008, with Google accounting for 71% of all US search traffic (74% for the UK). Add to this the news of Google's recent deal with Yahoo, and the search engine marketing landscape (with paid ads in particular) is shrinking. With less competition, we're witnessing the formation of a quasi-monopoly that can only drive keywords costs up. As a cost-aware marketer, you'll still have to rely on the long-tail keywords to maximize conversions, but you won't be able to avoid some competition over pricey keywords and your online budget will take a hit.

However, the true beauty of online marketing is the multitude of choices available that are either cheap or free. In this time of impending economic doom and gloom, below is a list of various marketing tactics you can do that won't break the bank… and if anything they'll only add to it.