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I'm shortlisted for DiMAS Freelancer of the year award!

UPDATE: No, I didn't win. But, being shortlisted out of 3 nominees for the whole South of England is fine by me. Not bad considering I've been in Brighton for only 1.6 years!

The award night was great, you can see my pics on Flickr, or my videos on YouTube of the actual awards ceremony. Kudos to Plugin Media for their great application of glowsticks, and my congratulations to the eventual Farm Freelancer of the Year award winner, Bevan Stephens. See Bevan's winning site here.

Ecstatic is an understatement!

I've just been confirmed as a shortlisted candidate for the Digital Media Awards: South 'Freelancer of the year award', with the actual award ceremony (and judging) to take place here in Brighton on November 27th.

The Farm Freelancer Award is sponsored by, an online resource for freelancers. It offers every hint and tip to help you thrive not just survive, including podcast interviews with professionals from all industries who have been there and done it.

The award will be judged by members of the Farm, the Brighton-based networking group for web designers, developers and people with related new media skills. They will be looking for examples of innovation, technical and creative skills, business success and the ability to establish successful client relationships and keep to brief.

The event itself is organised by the lovely people at Wired Sussex, and very ably supported by the hard work, resources and brains of the good folks at Midnight Communications and Sussex Community Internet Project (SCIP).

The DiMAS came about through the work of SCIP and Wired Sussex delivering the legendary Brighton and Hove Web Awards down the years. We recognised that the digital cluster in the south (and especially in Brighton) had become much more than the web agencies alone and we wanted to reflect that in these awards whilst maintaining that uniquely Brighton spirit which always made the Web Awards such an entertaining evening.

Please, wish me luck!