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Quick tip: Create profiles to improve your marketing

Profile your audience to improve marketing

With the increased fragmentation and proliferation of markets thanks to the Web2 explosion, knowing who and where your audience is has become a lot harder. So what can you do to better target your potential customers?

Imagine store mannequins. Retailers use them to display the newest clothing lines, effectively turning the mannequin into a representation of their target audience. Take a leaf out of the retailers book and build a virtual mannequin that represents your audience. Address and identify the main demographic information - how old are they? Are they primarily one gender or the other? Next identify their common traits - where do they shop, where do they hang out, where do they interact with one another? Continue to build up the overall characteristics of your virtual mannequin and get as specific as you like - the more specific the better. Look through your previous customer details, past transactions, survey responses, email campaigns, buzz monitoring results, and more, to build a comprehensive idea of what your ideal customer looks like.

Once you get an idea for their behaviour, go a step further and give your virtual mannequin a name, a personal style, a back story, and anything else that helps your model become more 'real'. You'll be amazed at how differently you look at your future campaigns when you have an actual face and a name to market to, not just an email address or PID (person id).