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Hi there. I'm Jon Aizlewood, a visual designer with 11 years of experience in the digital space. I specialise in user interface design and front-end development, where I work closely with clients to help bring their digital product's visual language, user experience and branding to life.

Over the course of my design career I've had the pleasure of working with the likes of NBC Universal, UNICEF UK, Penguin Random House, Code for America, the BBC, Nordea, Virgin Galactic and the British Medical Journal — to name a few. I currently ply my trade at award-winning UX design agency Clearleft.

Download my LinkedIn-generated CV here: jonathan_aizlewood-cv

Digital marketing

Prior to dedicating my career to digital design, I led a life as a management-level digital marketer. It's no coincidence that I moved over to design after seeing so many products and ideas fail due to poor design and sub-par user experiences.

Away from work I currently reside in Brighton, where I live with my amazingly talented wife and my two wonderful daughters near the seaside.



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